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A compelling work of fiction and fact, The Storm After the Storm tells the captivating story of Aere, a beautiful girl whose name means “storm” in the native language of her distant family members. Tragically, Aere weathers devastating personal storms all too soon as she comes of age in this gripping, epic drama. Whirling in a world of confusion and personal chaos and ultimately forced out on her own as a young mother, Aere must find herself by discovering her past and forging the potential that is within her from the two vastly different worlds she is only beginning to discover.

Exceptionally talented and tirelessly determined in spite of it all, Aere enters a new, exciting life that leads her far away from home and into her dreams—only to encounter one of the greatest storms she has ever experienced. Hurt, angry, yet determined not to revisit her past, Aere must find herself again in the midst of the storm and decide if she wants to let go of her dreams, or redesign her life and release the purpose that is coming to light in her soul. The end of this dramatic phase of Aere’s story is just the beginning…for Aere, and for you, as Anita shifts her focus in the concluding chapter and offers practical advice about mastering your storms.

The Storm After the Storm is a must-read! A unique blend of true-to-life experiences and inspirational wisdom, it will stir you, inform you, and help you to overcome your greatest storms and maximize your potential.

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